33,000 Everyday Artists at King’s

Within every member of staff or student at King’s College London beats a creative heart. Some beat louder than others. Some might struggle to think of themselves as creative. But whether it’s writing and drawing, researching and dancing, thinking and questioning, inventing and playing, everyone has something they’re passionate about – something uniquely creative, original and worth valuing.

In the spring term we will celebrate, encourage and bring to life the 33,000 Everyday Artists that form the culture at King’s. From January – playing on the portraits of the great and the good at the front of buildings on the Strand and Waterloo campuses – this website will begin to showcase all of the extraordinary individuals that make up King’s. All students and staff will be encouraged to share their passions, inspirations and hobbies to create a growing repository of everyday creativity.

From January to March creative activities will pop up across King’s inspiring everyone to do, think and share their creative endeavours.

In March the project will launch the ultimate 31 day creative challenge – a series of simple daily prompts designed for every one of the 33,000 Everyday Artists at King’s. The 31 day challenge invites every one across the college to: Do a creative task, Think about how it affects them and Share that with other people – exploring, documenting, designing, questioning, making up, composing, playing and reflecting as part of their daily life. By signing up to this site you’ll be automatically taking part.

This is only the beginning. Alongside the project sits a piece of research by Dr Nick Wilson and Dr Laura Speers in CMCI which will help us see how we can embed everyday creativity at King’s in the long term.

To find out more or get involved email everydayartists@kcl.ac.uk.