I Have a Dream

    I have a dream that one day butterflies fill the corridors of the Strand building I have a dream that for one day every month, everyone dances a conga to work That students swap laptops for guitars That spontaneous song breaks out in every ward of the hospital on Denmark Hill That hot […]

The End of the King’s 31-Day Creative Challenge

The month of creative challenges has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your creativity should be finished too… The project just started! We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in 33,000 Everyday Artists at King’s, and that you’ve had fun doing, thinking and sharing. Below you can have a look at some of the amazing creations you […]

King’s Creative Challenge Day 31: March Challenges

Reflect on your month of challenges. Think about the thirty March challenges at King’s. Which did you love, and which did you hate? What did you notice? Where were you surprised? What might you do differently next month? Why not celebrate by creating something that sums up your month. A drawing, a piece of writing, […]

King’s Creative Challenge Day 30: Today’s Learning

Three things you would do differently today if you knew first thing what you’ve learned by the end. Think about what you’ve learned today, what you would do differently if you had your new knowledge before the day started. Write an email to yourself explaining the three things you should do differently if you could […]

King’s Creative Challenge Day 29: Collecting Graffiti

Spot, record and map the graffiti at King’s. Spend today looking out for graffiti as you journey round King’s. Words scratched on toilet doors, spray paint on walls, colours in unexpected places. Document what you spot or create a map of the everyday art you notice around campus.

King’s Creative Challenge Day 28: Dear Departed

Write your own obituary. How would you like to be remembered? Think of this as a celebration of your life and the things you’ve done. Use your imagination to create a rich picture of you and share this with the world.

King’s Creative Challenge Day 27: Perfect Dinner Party

Invent your perfect dinner party. It’s Easter Sunday. Spend some time thinking creatively about your perfect Sunday dinner – what would you eat, who would be on your guest list? Who would you invite from history; how would your evening go?

King’s Creative Challenge Day 26: Time to Play

Play a game with someone else – a friend, a colleague, a family member. Give yourself permission to play a game – something quick and simple like noughts and crosses, or take a moment to make a new one up. What makes a good game? How simple can the rules be?

King’s Creative Challenge Day 25: King’s Collage London

Collect items from throughout your day and make a collage. Spend the day collecting things as the basis for a collage. This might be recycling or rubbish – unusual objects, pictures, words – and use these together to create a collage.

King’s Creative Challenge Day 24: King’s Superheroes

Make up a King’s Superhero and their nemesis – in pictures or in words What would a King’s Superhero look like and what would their superpowers be? What incredible acts would they perform and who would be their enemy? Start drawing or writing their story.