King’s Creative Challenge: Up to Day 20

The King’s 31 Day Creative Challenge has been going strong and it’s now 10 days away from the end of the project. How are you enjoying the challenges? You can share your thoughts on Twitter @33000artists, we love hearing your impressions and ways to improve everyone’s experience.

In this post you can have a look at some takes from the challenges between days 10-20. These include your storytelling chains and writings on something lost while being at King’s, documenting your surroundings, making up stories about someone you often see but don’t know, taking detours in your everyday journeys, giving out compliments and noticing hidden artwork – among others.

2016-03-15_1458082819 2016-03-15_1458082895   2016-03-20_1458487737 2016-03-24_1458780217 2016-03-24_1458780366 2016-03-24_1458780465 2016-03-24_1458780521 2016-03-24_1458780624 2016-03-24_1458780753 2016-03-24_1458780902 2016-03-24_1458780981 2016-03-24_1458781088

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